A brief summary of 2021 Ecosystem development

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
3 min readDec 28, 2021

We are building a city that is entirely unique in its design for our habitation, Akure Metropolis.

photo credit Startup Grind Akure Metropolis

In the year 2021, we accomplished great feats in Akure Metropolis. We essentially began the development process from scratch and progressed incrementally.

We communicated with the greatest people and enlisted the top experts. Our belief is that nothing is physically impossible for us to accomplish, regardless of our varying sizes, ages, or geographical locations.

We made the development process extremely personal and concentrated our efforts on building startups and outstanding businesses that might contribute to the creation of a sustainable ecosystem. We firmly think that establishing a successful ecosystem requires establishing an uninterrupted energy flow capable of supporting the growth of all those involved.

Individuals should be able to grow, learn, and live for the greater good. And we made a significant effort to accomplish this by enabling everyone to perform to their full potential. We wanted every single person in the ecosystem to have the audacity to attempt practically anything, even the seemingly impossible. And it is on this, point that we have concentrated our efforts.

photo from Startup Grind Akure Metropolis

Our strategy for doing so is as follows:

We launched a monthly community program to keep a steady stream of knowledge in front of everyone and to provide them with the best resources for learning about world trends and activities. This was critical in order to present them with a view of the world outside their immediate surroundings. A photograph that is physically larger than anything they have ever seen. And even if they had seen it before, we needed to convince them that they could achieve it by simplifying the process and educating them about the ease of execution and critical values required to develop time-tested ventures.

Founders’ Square was one of these programs; it was a monthly physical gathering of entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and idealists.

photo from Startup Grind Akure Metropolis

The event provided a forum for bringing together people of the same mind and opinion under one roof, after which they were informed about how to develop. In the year 2021, we repeated this process on the last Friday of each month.

We organized mid-year hackathons, HackMay, which I previously wrote about, highlighting the development’s beauty. Unlike many other hackathons, this one was a product hackathon, with the goal of assisting young people in thinking about, developing, and launching a Minimum viable Product within a 72-hour period. And, what’s more, six months after the event, one of the three top startups formed during the hackathon raised their initial financing and went on to receive a sizable cash grant.

photo from HACK MAY product hackathon

The hackathon enabled us to successfully create a huge number of startups that would join the ecosystem’s current ones.

We celebrated the end of the year with a dinner. We wanted the people creating things in the city to understand they are not alone. We wanted each and every person to understand that there are many more people involved in the construction process than they are. Additionally, we needed everyone to unwind and connect, allowing us to prepare for the new year.

photo from Akure Metropolis Startup and Tech Ecosystem Dinner

Our overall advancement in the year 2021 has resulted in our ability to construct a vibrant and valued human ecosystem. A space for young Africans to create what they want. And in 2022, we look forward to expanding on what worked in 2021 while also innovating to improve things not just little but significantly.



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