An Insight into our recent updates at Travella:

Its just not as great yet as it will be in the future- Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readNov 14, 2021
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The entire Travella company is extremely diligent. We have spent years researching different products. And we’ve literally put our hearts and souls into making items function.

We believe that our most recent project, Travella, will decentralize and disrupt the logistics business far more than we can envision. And, more than excitement, one of our main concerns is putting in the necessary effort.

Individual travelers can use Travella to transport packages for others. You can earn extra money while on travel.

And I, for one, have always been interested in making the most of my travel time. I shouldn’t squander so much of my life on a trip, literally doing nothing for four hours. It should at least make me an income.

Consider a small or medium business that is battling to stay afloat without any plans to scale, but nonetheless loses 42% of its revenue due to excessive logistical costs. These are the people we are building for.

The most recent update is a step forward from our initial update when we were doing market testing, but with this one, we chose to make things much more different by making it available to a wider audience while continuing to develop the product.

We have such faith in this product because we first encountered the problem it addresses before attempting to fix it because no one else was doing so.



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