Appropriate Risk Changes the Game

What if I told you that the subsequent risk you take would change your life forever for the better, would you still take the risk?

Most notably yes, you would take the risk.

I have figured that it requires some steps and an exact risk level to break through most successes. But here is the problem, we can no determine what amount exactly, and the needed proportion, and it's even harder to predict other effects that may take place.

So what to do, there is not much to do than to keep growing an appetite for risk-taking and to keep taking calculated risks. We need to keep acting, keep moving and keep making things happen.

I want to believe with all these, it will be impossible for you to fail.



Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

I’m Moses. And I admire people and communities. Aside from the everyday startup development, writing is how I help more people.