Be a Little More Specific

Here’s what I want

The most powerful thought pattern in the universe, or more powerful sentence, is ‘Here’s what I want — a very explicit and definitive declaration.

And here’s what it does: it aligns the universe’s, its people’s, and its resources’ interests with that thinking pattern in order to produce the anticipation.

This week, instead of looking for greatness, be SPECIFIC in your search! Before you go looking for something, you should know exactly what you want.

Most of the time, we delude ourselves; we don’t actually know what we’re looking for; we just have a general idea of what it should look like.

Make a difference this week by being clear about what you want and going in pursuit of it specifically.



Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

I’m Moses. And I admire people and communities. Aside from the everyday startup development, writing is how I help more people.