Become your opportunity

You have to stand on the beacon consistently looking out for your opportunity

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readApr 3, 2024

When it comes to opportunities, they are life-changing. There is always that one huge chance you know that if you find it will move you towards your life’s fulfillment, and help you climb out of the general crowd. Everyone has an eye for such opportunities but very few know what such opportunities look like. And those few are the ones who find it.

You have to know what you are looking out for.

Every watchman knows what they are looking out for. That is how their expectation is constantly met. Because if you don’t know in specificity what you are looking out for, everything will come but you won’t know which to position for.

Another thing is, that you keep working ahead of your opportunities. What are the most likely criteria that your opportunities will make requests for? Can you start working on it?

Before opportunities come looking, while we spend time anticipating their arrival, eagerly awaiting Mr. Opportunity to knock on the door and see how honorable and humble we are of his arrival, we have to ensure the room is prepared for opportunities’ taste or it walks out on us. Opportunities are not concerned with your enthusiasm, they are there on business and are also envious of your progress. Greatness only wants to partner with greatness.

Before opportunities come knocking start preparing. While you are on the outlook for your breakthrough moment and opportunity, can you start living up to its probable criteria? Your preparation can fast-track the arrival of opportunities.

For example, while you are waiting for a 5,000, 000 naira business grant, can you start building your product and getting one or two people to buy it? Can you increase the number of sales organically? It is hard but that is a sign you are worth giving the opportunity.

Work and keep on doing your best while looking outward for opportunities, who knows you may arrive becoming the one who will be giving out those opportunities.

The bottom line is Work! And never give an excuse for not working, opportunity comes or not. Work and work out your salvation.



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