Challenges are people driven

Challenges are a function of a third party, they aren't so real.

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
1 min readNov 25, 2021

What would your biggest challenges be if you were the only person on Earth?
Will the challenges still be evident if we eliminate all humans from your current challenges?

We are sometimes aware that there is a problem because someone or something has been affected by it. The presence of another person usually emboldens us and makes obvious our burden.

Challenges are wonderful and great in that they push us to grow, but when they become suicidal, we must ignore the people who are behind them. When you die without being justified, no matter how right you are, you lose.

You would have no problem with most things and they would not sadden you if no one pointed out what you did as being incorrect.

However, in the most difficult of all tasks, you must first comprehend the background and origins of such issues, as well as have the guts to remain firm when you are correct. When you’re incorrect, it’s a good idea to plead.

Tough times they say don't last, only tough people do.



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