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Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readAug 14, 2021

I literally woke up this morning with the idea of change on my mind and a little reasoning for purpose. And you know I had this little dawning that ‘Africa can be changed but its going to be more of per person ,per place’

photo credit to Annie Spratt

The behavior of one particular element can be used to anticipate the properties of the entire system or vice versa, you can utilize properties seen in one system to derive probable behavior in other systems. Have you noticed this physics law and observation?

Then you’ll see that, if Africa is the system, then I and you, my dear reader, are the same things if that makes sense to you. As a result, we are reflecting who Africa is, and vice versa. The reason for Africa’s lack of technological and scientific advancement is that we innovate insufficiently, or at the very least, our innovations do not make any real progress.

If the preceding claims are correct, certainly yes. Then you understand that in order to affect change in Africa or to put it another way, in order to make a shift in Africa that resonates with everyone, we must approach it on an individual, local, and intentional level.

That is to say, rather than altering the educational system on a broad scale, consider doing it on a micro-scale. Take a single student at a time and effect real change in his or her life. Build a new educational system from the ground up as a Startup!

A startup educational system is one that is built for growth, which can be stated in a very basic way. With the introduction of technology, you will be able to contact tens of thousands of people throughout the world from the corridor of your own area, and from there, you can build your project and improve Africa.

Keep in mind that a better environment translates into a better experience!



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