Do It Big!

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readSep 20, 2021

Whatsoever you are doing big in Nigeria, it’s still in Nigeria. And you are nowhere near taking the world!

SpaceX gives the world news!

Have you realized we are 7.9 Billion people on Earth with a growth index of 1.1% per annum, this amounts to 800 Million people added to our population count yearly? If we were to look down into this number, how do we know you differently?

Luckily there are 400 Million SMEs all over the world, that are doing something. And that number does not even amount to up to 1% of our population growth index.

So we need more entrepreneurs!

Also, there are little above 1,992 businesses in the world that make over $1 billion annually.

We need big entrepreneurs!

We haven’t even covered the resources on Earth and we have not attained a Trillion in population and yet our resources are not getting to everyone. And that’s because we have a low doer population and low index on Big Doers.

In essence, quite a several people are doing something but it’s not enough. And the majority of those that decide to start, thinks of starting small.

You should change narratives and be determined to do things big. Don’t allow people and the cultural norm to make you take doing things the other way round impossible.

Just don’t feel wrong to be different, cos’ truly you are different.

Be calculative about the world around you and take a shot at attacking things head-on with a knowledge of history and sparks of creativity.

And don’t feel bad for doing things well! We know you differently when you represent a larger number. Lead a tribe and lead them well.

Good morning!



Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

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