Don’t Sleep on It

On what you’d ask!

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readJul 4, 2023

Of course, in your dreams! What else do you think I’d advise you not to sleep on?

The similarity between every person on Earth is that everyone dreams. The difference is that very few take action on their dreams. And the exceptional thing is that the highly successful few are the ones who went the extra mile regardless of every obstacle to bring their dreams alive.

Action and Great ruggedity are what will bring most dreams to life. And, as a matter of fact, not all dreams are impossible. Or let’s even put it right: there has never been any dream by a man that is impossible, except the deception of man becoming that which they already are: gods!

So if that is the case, we have seen dreams of moonshots come to life and dreams of flying machines come to life, and now we are even seeing, in our lifetime, the dream of a Martian territory come to life!

Here’s how the rewarding mechanism works: dreams are not paid for as dreams; they are well paid for when they materialize into what people engage in daily, live by, and become a part of their existence.

One more thing of note: if the dreams in your head don’t get realized by you, the man next door will bring them to life and get well rewarded for that. The least you can do is do a little by sharing your dreams with the right people, so that at least they will share a little of their gains with you when they bring them to life.



Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

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