Eternal bakery

Your income is in the non-obvious

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readSep 28, 2021
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Imagine you came into a bakery that could bake loaves that, when eaten, could satisfy your appetite for an unspecified number of years. What would you be willing to risk to acquire such a bakery?

You will pay a small fee if the merchant requests it. And if they need much more, you’ll try to locate that bakery.

Your first paycheck. The first deals. Credit from a bank. With each paying customer, life becomes a lot easier. It’s the way things are!

Nothing appears to be possible until you have your first paying customer.
Locating your initial income exchanger is far more significant. This is the process of locating something that can be converted into money or additional money for you.

It’s a serious matter to think about because it’s self-evident that nearly nothing can be accomplished without money.

As a result, everyone requires a source of income. Agreed? Yes!

You must find your goldfield. The gold miner’s first objective is to locate the goldfield before becoming wealthy. The more goldfields there are, the more money he can make, especially if he knows how to exploit them.

Almost every other source of income is the same.

You must go to great lengths to obtain your eternal bakery. And that is one thing for which you will be compensated.



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