Focus on the second-best time!

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
1 min readSep 6, 2021

Not so common uh? No its super common!

photo credit to Javier Allegue

Second chances are the best chances we’ll ever have!

In my previous writing, I finished with a Chinese adage, “the best time to plant trees was 20 years ago.” The second-best time is right now.

The importance of being granted a second opportunity at something cannot be overstated. We simply determine in our minds that we can beat the first time.

The second best time is a season of opportunities, and it’s a perfect time to try out what we didn’t succeed at the first time.

We all have a first chance, which most of us have blown, and life always seems to find a way to give us a second chance.

Just be aware that a third chance may be difficult to come by.

So it’s critical to remind yourself how maximizing your second chance will pay off handsomely.

The opportunity could be related to developing something new or completing a task. Simply go ahead and do your assignment with. There is a time limit on the second chance.



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