Get a grasp

In all honesty, we still don’t have most of life figured out, but one thing we are focusing on right now is how to make the most of the time we have and appreciate the long years we have been given.

We are so focused on doing few things that can scale, address problems whether minute or enormous but for a large population of people, as Peter Thiel famously stated about the Power Law, “it’s a terrific thing to concentrate effort on a few things that have a huge probability of outperforming doing many things.” And the thing is, we’ve discovered something like that, something in which we can invest our lives and build.

And as we build what we found , we also are daily getting built , learning new things and engaging great knowledge .

We are therefore mastering the art of living a concentrated , peaceful and impactful yet fulfilling life.



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Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

I’m Moses. And I admire people and communities. Aside from the everyday startup development, writing is how I help more people.