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Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readAug 19, 2021

That may appear weird, yet that is the truth. It’s up to you to make your own thoughts a reality. Make it appear genuine to you, and you’ll realize the world revolves around your micro-thoughts.

photo credit to Alice Dietrich

Many people struggle to put their own ideas into action on a regular basis. The majority of the outstanding tasks you’ll do will be based on your ability to implement even the tiniest of creative ideas. All empires were founded on realized ideas.

When it comes to turning your ideas into reality, there are three steps to follow: documentation, execution, and realization.

Writing down your views is what documentation is all about. Writing down your thoughts will be the initial step in developing and metamorphosing them.

The great thing about writing down your thoughts is that you may write as much as you want. You have a million ideas in your head; all you need to do now is write them down!

After you’ve completed your documentation, you should learn to take a risk and execute your handwriting. Paul, the CEO of Maxreed, mentioned in HBR that strategic planning is not the same as strategic acting. It’s also ten times more difficult to get people to act on strategy than it is to plan for it. It’s a widespread issue, but those that rise above it eventually fall prey to the 20% of the population who control 80% of the resources.

A quick note on realization is that many times, the execution of such ideas will not be as real as the concepts themselves. You must be willing to continue working on the project once it has been completed until it is completed.

Thomas Alvin Edison tried nine hundred and ninety-nine times to get the light bulb to work. J.K. Rowling had to submit the Harry Potter film 12 times before it was finally accepted. You must persevere until your work is completed.

You must understand that when you put things into action, you not only help yourself but also a thousand other people who profit from such solutions.
Reverend Sola Areogun stated that you should not start a project when you have the money for it, but rather start it when you don’t have the money for it. The issue that has stymied most breakthroughs is not a lack of funds, but rather a lack of motivation to execute and realize them.

People must be highly aligned and laser-focused on the highest-impact behaviors that will generate the most significant outcomes, according to Paul of Maxreed, in order to create spectacular results.



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