How does self reliance work in this economy for young persons ?

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readApr 9, 2024

Here’s my answer to the above questions.

Self reliance in this economy requires 3 things :

  1. Income source
  2. Character and Attitude
  3. Skillfulness and Knowledge

For number 1: Young folks must work and earn money to feed and cover their basic needs. They must get a job. However this comes , whether through self owned business or work placement is fine.

Number 2: Young folks need good relationships. Much more they are required to develop a winning attitude towards life and related developments. It’s normal to be broke. It’s normal to not have food to eat everyday , especially when you are just starting out. It’s normal to outspend yourself. It’s normal to fail , it’s not normal to cry , it’s normal to be alone. These are all part of life. What is not normal is to assume it only happens to you therefore you shy aware from taking responsibilities to help you win.

Young people have to understand that all listed above is normal. And what they should then work on is how to daily overcome those challenges. Learning this create self sustainability for a young person.

Number 3 : True self esteem and true worth of one self is found in how skillful one is in their craft. One of the most sustainable ways for greatness and riches is ‘skillfulness’ — being extremely good at your craft , command, control, mastery of your craft. A skillful person is confident and has good self esteem. As a matter of fact they know what they are doing.

The second part of this is knowledge acquisition . A self reliant person must have a good depth of knowledge. He or she must be well versed about their craft and about the world around them; politics , socio-economic issues, psychology , science , religion , history , social anthropology etc

A well knowledgeable person will be a self reliant person and he or she will know the difference between the cunning nature of the old prophet and an angel.

As an addition , for a young folk to totally master self-reliance and be self-reliant he or she must understand that to truly survive in life and do well for oneself and others , the concept of self-reliance does not exist rather one must learn to work with other persons , parents , friends , enemies , etc. inorder to be truly able to sustain oneself.



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