I have a routine

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readMay 4, 2022


I have a routine …

Every month I go about doing my work as an Ambassador for TME , a Polish based company and one of the world’s great employer of labor and 3 largest distributor of electronics.

My job involves working with over 24 African countries and India, in our various geographies to oversee the onboarding , training and growth of young Africans into technology especially by giving them the technical-know-how , which is one of the major things most Africans don’t have.

I invest my proceeds from my daily involvement into Travella.io , the Startup myself and Olufemi Agboola cofounded and are very well invested into. Because we believe in the future of the logistics industry , how fast and cheap deliveries affects life and the mother Earth.

My disposition towards logistics and its effect on Earth is that the large tons of CO released to the atmosphere through the various arms of logistics will need to be reduced drastically and a large portion of the logistics companies agree on this with me , as read in the (website address)

But this can only be possible if we wont be utilising carbon producing merchandise, Cars , motorcycles etc. And interestingly the age of complete electrification is almost here but not yet for the aerospace industry , we sure still have groundbreaking research to do to make that happen.

Also , in regards to the need for Fast yet Cheap logistics needs. It affects the way businesses are done today in that goods are delivered as they are demanded through a speedy and reliable process. But the cheap aspect is what everyone finds hard to conquer.

And this owing to one single factor, most logistics companies rely on heavy infrastructures to carry out their operations. This infrastructures require maintenance . Maintainance requires people. People require to be paid . And the chain continues to explain why its impossible for logistics company to significantly reduces their logistics costs, of which small and medium businesses lose 42% of their total generated revenue.

But if we do remove the physical infrastructures , then the need for maintenance and people operation would be drastically reduced and this affect operation cost also helping to make fast and cheap logistics a reality and totally reduce the amount of carbon released to the atmosphere , especially in Africa and Asian countries who have not so much prepared to tackle their climate change.

My routines therefore help me achieve so much and Im then able to invest in commmuity and Ecosystem building , giving a larger number of people the opportunity to be builders and contributors to their own realities in their own city spaces. Making cities habitable and helping it to grow significantly to attract resources , people and opportunities.

I have a routine and every great persons also do.



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