I’m a firm believer in these two things:

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readFeb 20, 2022

I am so strong on these two things:

  1. Any great thing is super possible to achieve; Over time, it has been demonstrated that no matter how difficult a subject is, the highest of objectives may be achieved.
    You can draw from a long history of people who lived extremely practical lives and opted not to play it safe, thereby advancing the human race and influencing what appears to be cultural aspects of how we live and get things done. Elon Musk, Tesla’s co-founder, is an excellent living example, having accomplished the seemingly impossible goal of securing the construction of the world’s largest fleet of electric vehicles ( Electric Vehicles).
    Several Israeli firms have attempted this in the past, most notably the better place. They had a lot of money, resources, and skill, but they couldn’t accomplish what Elon is doing now. Without a doubt, what they did laid the groundwork for the possibilities we have today.
    There are so many more amazing examples out there that they are becoming impossible to count.
  2. Anything well done is what will set you apart; Many of us are on the lookout for things that are on the lookout for others. To put it plainly, many people are after money, yet the irony is that money is chasing someone else.
    The difference between the two people is that one acts on a strong knowledge base, ensuring that principles are followed, whilst the other believes that you must chase after money and work hard to earn it. Rather, the situation is unique.
    Everyone on the planet wants to pay you when you have what they require. Otherwise, Nobody cares whether you’re poor!
    And the service you’re exchanging doesn’t have to be cutting-edge. It could be as basic as selling food or sachet water, or it could be as complex as developing a simple app that addresses an issue. Anything that helps someone else solve an issue. If it’s worth paying for, you don’t have to give it away for free. Money will come after you in this manner, especially if the item is unusual and stands out among a plethora of alternatives.
    You should focus on one thing that is more valuable than the others and devote a significant amount of time to improving it hour after hour. Why do so many people want a Tesla? He sat on it and gave birth to the finest of his ideas. Concentrate on one great thing, be confident in it, and the world and its resources will submit to you.
    You’d be remembered most for one particular thing you brought to life and for which people’s lives were transformed or influenced. And this is the one area where a lot of effort has been put in.



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