Let me hint you on this!

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readApr 6, 2024

It will determine how great you become.

97% of those who quit are employed by the 3% who persevered.

Anyone can lead the future. But you have to build the recognition over time.

Most of the works required for greatness is done behind the scene, like reading , consistency of building and failing. You don’t fail on the stage rather you show results on the stage, failure is a behind the stage process.

Anyone can lead the future but you have to consistently sit down with a niche , either it makes you money or not , sit down with it and perfect all its sides. Then overtime your efforts and results accrues.

But here’s something , what determines if you will be great with /within your niche, KNOWLEDGE!

And here’s where knowledge comes in, unless you know what level of work is required of people who work within your niche to be recognized for rewards then you can’t have the rewards. And this means you can languish forever in your niche. You need to be updated about people who work within the sphere of your niche.

Reading , studying and learning through all it’s form can complement for meeting people as a game changer! As a matter of fact, when you know enough , you don’t desire to know people , they instead desire to know you!

And here’s a balance , when you are well studied which obviously takes time , meeting the right persons will become a reward that must happen.

A side note :

When I said to Achieve in Africa — it’s largely a function of character which drives the right set of actions , built solely on sufficient knowledge of history and of how things work!

Every other person’s have struggled out of ignorance, sufficient ignorance of how things work.

If you knew that 97% of people who started out in a field falls out or quit within 15 years — leaving just 3% of people to lead that field and a 0.6% of that number to call the shots- you will stay and keep building, because consistency alone can make you money forever and make you relevant!



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