Let me teach you something about time and value ;

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readMar 9, 2024

When do I start getting paid, I’ve only ever been doing free jobs?

This is most likely going to change the game for you if you’ve not started and sustain you if you’ve begun.

You start from doing it for free. You keep at doing it for free but doing it Extra well. You keep doing it for free and you keep getting better results at doing it well.

You take on more, fill up the hours and do it more for free, it gets better , the results keep piling. Then when you are needed , there’s no more space to do it for free because you are truly occupied with productive free stuffs, so you have to sell the already occupied space for a value allowing you to delegate the free work to someone else to do, as it’s your signature to not quit on things until it’s well finished.

You keep taking out space and putting more in but this time , space means value. And this is because whether someone pays for it or not you are busy enough with a whole lot of resultful stuff which if continually done well will make you great!

Now let me hint you, the result is not at the end , the result of the entire stuff you are doing , the excellence of it all is You living out your days well, without the shackles of worries or anything holding you bound, not the devil , not poverty or sickness , nothing that you have not mastered how to hold at bay. “You have them hooked up with chains of iron” like Shakespeare would say.

Oh boy! Go get ‘em;

Picture from Peaky Blinders ; I love the excellence and the quality with which English Men do their stuffs.



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