The world is run by corporations. The USA is home to the world’s best space and aviation industries. China possesses manufacturing capabilities that enable it to easily outsource virtually all manufacturing in the world.

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readDec 25, 2021

We want to create our own world, a functioning system, and an opportunity to contribute to the immeasurable advancement of human science and knowledge in the exploration of the vastness of the Universe, rather than to the struggle in the world.

As an average African, being born in our cities and countries appears to act as a constraint and an impediment to our growth and potential. However, we are well aware that all resources, human and material, on African soil are completely underutilized.

Although the best of blacks have not yet been seen and developed to a satisfactory level, we as a people and a race have not made immeasurable and collective contributions to the advancement of science and technology throughout the world. We have not yet been given the opportunity to truly contribute to the development and advancement of the human race in its entirety.

Our story is similar to that of a wise elder brother who consistently outperforms his younger siblings or vice versa. We’ve been sitting for an extended period of time. And we are unable to point to a single breakthrough or corporation for which we are responsible for transforming the world.

Corporations are the world’s powerhouses. The United States of America has the world’s best space and aviation industries. China’s manufacturing capabilities are such that virtually all manufacturing in the world is easily outsourced to them.
Europe is home to some of the most innovative scientific discoveries and political systems in the world. Yet in Africa, we have only grit and a great deal of hope that our continent will one day thrive. Not in a competitive manner, but in such a way that we can also contribute to the advancement of the human race.

We want to be proud of a race that contributes well and can stand on its own two feet, not of individual contributions.

I’m not sure how much time I have, but I hope to enable my people, Africans, to make a significant contribution to the advancement of the human race as a race.
We will eventually explore the stars, and African technologies will make a significant contribution to our success.



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