Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
1 min readJul 21, 2022

Our reality in my motherland, Nigeria is very simple:

As I am seated writing at the moment, I am awaiting the electric holding company to restore the electric power in order to have my bulbs come up. I only have a small iPhone light and my Mac is currently powered on.

Now the reality makes the environment uneasy and makes it seem as though we are under some form of demonic oppression or attack but that is not the case. The human mind is naturally programmed to stay on alert when it cannot easily see through its environment.

But this reality of ours is not so new to us. It's is the same reality 4 generations before.

If I have any concern, it is that , shall things continue like this?

I have however figured out that if at we can’t solve the major problems things such as having individual electrical power shouldn't be a concern at all, especially with the availability of solar power generation. But, here in Nigeria, it’s expensive. A standard solar setup is worth 1.4 Million Nigerian Naira with our current standard of living how shall we afford that?

Anyways those are my little rants. My cat is here with me and I have a noodle on fire, got to go and fix something to eat.

I have being working since early morning. I don't want to leave Africa the way I met it.



Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

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