People can be lenient, you be intentional

Photo credit Karsten Winegear

Have you ever wondered why some people don’t seem to care whether they are successful or not?

The same attitude drives them to beg for food and assistance later on.

I’ve never seen somebody who wasn’t doing it on purpose suddenly become wealthy and famous. I’ve read numerous chapters of history on famous achievers, and it’s all covered with deliberateness.

Someone has something planned, whether it works or not. They continued to make excellent plans, and their efforts were always fruitful.

You must bring your intention to life. Create it with your goals and plans in mind. Use your resources to pursue it. The outcomes and rewards are unavoidable.

You can’t have done everything and have nothing work. Keep an eye out, something is working. It could be a little adjustment. Take that and multiply it by a factor of ten.



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Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

I’m Moses. And I admire people and communities. Aside from the everyday startup development, writing is how I help more people.