Perhaps you don’t know

Poverty is structurally made against everyone. It’s the ground zero of the ordinary man.

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
1 min readMay 25, 2022

It is what it is without doubts. Life is quite aware of the level of intentionality, stability and sacrifice it will take to attain different level of success that GIVES you riches which comes with power not necessarily influence.

It’s clear not every one can outwait such process. But the underlying terms is movement and it is useless if not made in the right direction. Momentum is waste on a lost and undefined cause.

You can be moving and be moving in circles or on the equal and opposite direction to where you want to go.

In life you are validated by your sacrifice and every level of success validates and approves you for the next. A very good reason for which traction is required in your resumes.

Great companies wants to know how you did in the previous, everyone wants a forceforward not backward.

Every noise is not progress. And noise have never justified the real things. Those who built well eventually take the rule. And they show others how it’s done. If you are on the right track (judged by your paying users not investors , market demands, growing leaders/mentors, knowledge based intuitions) then stick to it.

But its easy to be swayed by what others are doing or not doing.



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