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Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readFeb 10, 2023

I’m super fascinated by a couple of questions especially of

‘how much opportunity do we need to create to serve Africa’s 1.7 Billion people population and make them more productive to truly move towards a developed future ?’

-what partnerships are necessary ?
- what resources are needful that we don’t have?
- if we get all our steps right , what are we able to create and become ? What are the steps we are to even get right ? Of the billions of people that ever lived in Africa , is there any actionable intelligence, that we can follow ?

the last of my fascinations is , “ to what extent are the odds of a possibility working out in our lifetime? And is there a limit to what can be done for Africa by Africans? If there is , what is that limit ?

Here are the things I task my conscious and subconscious to reason through and provide answers. Then we spends dailies working towards it . Can we solve the seemingly available problems , especially the ones we met that are constantly evolving in our lifetime ? And to what degree would we need to try ?

If it were possible to leverage technology to simulate possible outcomes given some actionable data , perhaps we will increase our odds .

So , What are you doing or building towards a technological advanced pan African state ? Do you mind sharing in the comment below 👇, I’ll like to know who I should be rooting for as well.

I am building TravellaHQ (We’re Growing!) in a bid to enhance logistics , catering for a faster and cheaper supply chain network to support social commerce in Africa and the global world.

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