Stop thinking like a fish

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
1 min readSep 30, 2021


Have you ever observed how fish act as if the land doesn’t exist?

photo credit to Markus

Yes, land exists, but the average fish never ventures there because they prefer to stick to the safe haven guidelines.

Assumptions about global warming are widespread, even among the largest and smallest species.

Maybe if fish tried to walk on land, they wouldn’t die, but instead would probably adapt according to Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution.

For the betterment of your life and your career, you should always be open to experimenting, learning new things, changing your ways, and implementing cutting-edge technologies wherever possible.

Even if Apple had never released the AirTag, many people would not have thought to make one. And yet, it was something we all needed.

We’d always wished Bond’s 007 specs were real, but that all changed when RayBan came out with their version.

Your predatory mate will find you soon enough if you continue to operate under the assumption that your business or enterprise is succeeding without implementing new and more efficient techniques.



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