The genesis of my EndSars Chronicling

It is not about how far we go, rather it's about how well the journey went.

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readJun 25, 2022
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Okay, okay, okay, I’m up for the challenge of chronicling the 2020 EndSars/Sorosoke movement. Which made a significant impact on Nigeria’s history. Additionally, the EndSars distinguished itself as the Mother of all protests, and the journey became incredibly interesting, thrilling, terrifying, and filled with other emotions.

I began this project because no one had previously chronicled one of the most vivid memories of our time, just as no one had ever documented the actual events of the first student-led demonstration in Nigeria. According to rumors, there was a battle over chicken, reduction, etc. in that incident.

But in my opinion, the majority of our histories have been lost due to inadequate documentation, and this is only because most people didn’t pay attention to it and assumed that someone else would write it for us. But intentionality is so much more important to life than anything else.

I will cite a ton of sources and make sure that every step of the EndSars movement is thoroughly proofread to prevent any mistakes at all. And I’ll do my best to keep it as plain as I can so that future generations can read it and be inspired by the millions of young people in Nigerian states who maintained their ground against any kind of repression at all.

We were unbeaten until we truly understood what being beaten was all about. I and many other young people stood our ground in the face of overwhelming terror. Since I am a middle man in the documentation process, you can be confident that I have nothing to gain by including any misleading information rather than the most accurate account of what actually happened. What inspired us to fight, what sustained us, and how far did we advance?

I will be provided as many opportunities for interviews as I can, many of them will be with influential figures in the EndSars. Where I would be unable to conduct interviews, I will procure authentic materials available to the public so that I may fully document the situation.

Barbara Burungi, who goes by the nickname “BBatwooki,” encouraged me to document the event, and I think her challenge will lead to one of history’s finest documentations. I sincerely hope that this is the only and comprehensive account of it.

Every word in this piece is a tribute to those who stood up for the EndSars Movement. Maybe it’s time we took control of our own fates.



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