The HillTop Mansion Principle

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readSep 7, 2021

Proficiency , exceptionalism and openness is the mantra of an enviable venture.

photo credit Paul Green

C-suite executives are naturally taught this principle. Anyone who can acquire its content and synopsis, nevertheless, will be able to obtain its supplied guerdon.

The premise is really incredible. However, I will make an effort to provide a brief overview of the principle.

The HillTop Mansion is based on the well-known phenomenon that “if you were to gaze upon a gorgeous mansion perched atop a large hilltop, you would be compelled to do two things: gaze and desire.”

Would you take a price for a bird’s visit if you were given the opportunity?
Simply because the Mansion is exquisite, graceful, and stylish in look, as well as in style, and because it is situated on a hilltop, where all eyes will be drawn!
As a result, this principle emphasizes Proficiency, Exceptionalism, and Openness for mutual benefit.

Not every house is constructed on a hilltop, and living in one takes a lot of effort and extra energy.

And not everyone has the opportunity to create a magnificent Mansion at that elevation. It necessitates a significant amount of regular resource, time, and sweat investment.

So, if you gain expertise in any sector of interest and carve out a complete niche fed by constant innovation and made available for consumption, no amount of money will be higher in value.

In business class, you will be taught the three philosophical quadrants of the Hilltop Mansion, which I have expounded here in simpler words though short. Put them into your works and reap a great harvest of wealth and fame.



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