There’s time and so much more can be accomplished.

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readMar 25, 2024

I love the rate at which a whole lot of us are getting things done. What we have pulled from January — March is what we would have otherwise done in an entire year.

And that’s because we have goals. Things we need to accomplish and get done.

Now here’s a couple things:

  1. most persons only ever regret the things they didn’t do in life
  2. 2. ⁠Most goal setters only ever regret that they never went all out for their goals
  3. 3. Actually you could’ve achieved everything you set your mind to as a sport. Nothing is stopping you and nothing can.
  4. 4. Get set and shape the future as YOU Want , No rules , no judgement except the ones you set.
  5. 5. ⁠Avoid things that drag you back , you need a full throttle ahead.

Now How to get things done and accomplished faster. Literally anything ;

  1. Be clear about exactly what you need, where you are going , what you want. And one way too be sure you are clear is WRITE THEM DOWN.
  2. 2. ⁠Make it a sport to live and accomplish big stuffs. Because actually it is. Make it fun. This way you won’t be sorry or judge mental of whatsoever comes around for you in the process. Just flow. And you’d auto achieve more.
  3. Funds , funds and financing. Guys there are enough cash to get stuffs down out there. I kid you not! Your job is getting those money. Now here’s how to do that :
  4. Identify properly where the money is , there are tons of them. With whom the money is. Don’t seat and stay elsewhere, Go where the money is!
  5. What is the requirement for getting the money? Do you know it ? Work your way up and fulfill those requirements
  6. as a tip, get into friendship with the man with the bag by stretching a helpful hand through service or acknowledgement of their efforts.
  7. One of the things most people miss out on is the fact that; a time in your life you have tons of dreams but no money to achieve them. And there then comes another phase you have access to all the funds you need but no ideas what to use them for. It happens to the poor and the rich.

So before all your resources arrive, write down every plan in your head, exhaust them as a matter of fact.

Cheers to a great week accomplishing more and heavier stuff!



Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

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