We at Travella wholly agree. We have observed how our software and the structures created around it are becoming a part of people’s lives. We have also observed how, in our own distributed mode, we are enhancing on-demand logistics and accelerating the pace of the world.

Our decentralized logistics protocol ensures that two important sustainable development goals for life on Earth are improved in addition to enabling regular travelers to pick up and deliver packages for others:

1. Through our decentralized logistics protocol, we are ensuring that everyone can earn a living by working (SDG 8 : Decent Work and Economic Growth)

2. By utilizing already-existing systems, we are reducing the number of specialized vehicles and carbon-emitting infrastructures required by conventional logistics and enabling people commuting to move packages for others more quickly and affordably while on the go. drastically lowering carbon footprint as a result! (SDG 13: Actions on Climate)

It’s day one at TravellaHQ ⚡️👌🚀

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