Web 3 and Travella

The future of the decentralized economy will rely heavily on the absence of a centralized government, as well as distributed development and control.

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
3 min readNov 4, 2021

Web 3 is revealing a lot about what the future may include. And this is because, as a people, we will grow in number, and eventually we will be dispersed throughout the universe.

As a result, practically everything will have to run faster, more smoothly, and without interruption. As a result, there will be significant disruptions in a number of industries.

And, in this and many other businesses, a centralized government would be insufficient to get things done. The centralized government, from the government to agriculture to the lifestyle business, would not be able to keep up with the changes.

It will then be a matter of the government truly being in the hands of every single person on the planet. For us to be able to acquire the greatest services, everyone must have control over some things.

In a decentralized arrangement, humans will then become personally accountable.
For us, at Travella, we’re striving toward a future in which the logistics business is decentralized and distributed.

The industry has been around for almost 200 years. Also, keep in mind that we’re not attempting to cause any disruption.

And we’re not attempting to be a hero of a rapidly changing world or a revolution. Rather, at Travella.io, we’re attempting to solve a problem.
First and foremost, we ran into the issue because we also operate in a company and an SME charged with producing consumer robotics kits for African classrooms.

And one of our main goals was to make the kits more affordable and accessible to all children. We observed an issue across the board of the approximately 400 million SMEs that already exist, which will likely rise in the next years, due to the high cost of logistics.

So we decided it was better for us to fix the problem for ourselves and for the greater number of people on the voyage.

Here, we’re attempting to address the issue of excessive logistics costs.
We also stated that the only option to make logistics cheaper than at any previous point in the foreseeable future is to have a decentralized logistics system with no infrastructure.

That is exactly what we want. That entirely spared us the cost of, you know, getting fleets of aircraft, getting fleets of buses, getting a large number of personnel to run the logistics; it was that we are going to be using a decentralized and dispersed system in one way or another.

People who travel frequently can pick up parcels, and you’re going somewhere where you can pick up packages and earn for doing so. There will be a lot of things accomplished here, but they will be distributed and decentralized.

We’re going to build world-class software to make it happen, so there will be no centralized governments. The software enhances the human race’s capacities, allowing us to complete more tasks and achieve greater success.

Web three is an enabling tool for us at Travella even though we enable businesses and individuals to do more. I’m hoping that you’ll join us on our adventure in some form.



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