What do you do when life seems like it's not moving?

You shake the tables and stand your ground. That’s how it works.

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
1 min readSep 1, 2021
photo credit to Nicolai Kramer

Many times, things will appear to be halted, but this is a sign that there are better and more innovative ways to keep things moving. It is, nonetheless, incredibly fascinating and interesting to a certain extent.

To begin, it’s critical not to compare your progress to that of others. Other people’s accomplishments can inspire you at times, but don’t let them depress you.

You must be completely concentrated on what you’re building and tune out any external noise. You must personally construct well and be really inventive with it.

You must become inventive in your approach and make it the standard for others to follow.
So, the reality is, what you’re looking at is going to be the talk of the town. That work had better be yours.

Also, grow enamored with what you’re creating. Think about it, eat it, and digest your own creation’s thoughts till it’s flawless. Allow your thoughts to motivate you to take action. It’s quite significant.

Remember that the building process is a long one, and you must build well.



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