What’s the slowest thing in the world?


At times, it’s difficult to imagine the elderly were ever-young. It appears as though time has accelerated!

At times, we wish life could move faster.

Have you ever had lofty ambitions but been thwarted by time constraints? True, there are moments when it appears as though the world is moving too slowly and things aren’t moving quickly enough.

Even at the pinnacle of the world’s hierarchy, some type of bureaucracy exists. Life appears to require a great deal of decision-making prior to action.

Or perhaps it is just us who lack patience. At times, it appears as though those who are older were never young.

If we are powerless to influence the world’s pace, we may at the very least learn to be more patient and allow time to take its course.



Ogunranti Adebayo Moses

I’m Moses. And I admire people and communities. Aside from the everyday startup development, writing is how I help more people.