Why do we all run on a Monday?

Ojo Monday , Eko o ni gba igbakugba!

Ogunranti Adebayo Moses
2 min readMar 11, 2024
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If we only wait until Monday to kick off the race towards becoming successful and great, then we failed already.

The best day of the week when your effort should be greater is ‘every day’ not yesterday and not today. If you put in a great deal of effort every day such that yesterday is not less or greater than today, such that it becomes a habit to deliver and over-deliver at what you do, then succeeding at whatever you’re involved with will become a norm.

It’s fine to get tired but figuring out what works for you continually is the best remedy to overcoming fatigue and ensuring you maximize your productive hours.

So as today starts, whatever effort you won’t be able to maintain during the week, don’t leap into it. And whatever effort and energy with which you leap this week, be willing to stay consistently with that energy and get work done. Make every day like Monday and every day will produce the same results as Monday with the end of the month birthing a compounded result.
Ojo Monday , Eko ni gba igbakugba! ( On Monday, Lagos won’t take rubbish) a popular line from the Great Fela Kuti

Cheers to a great week ahead.🥂

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